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Mayfair Credit Corporation is a preeminent international financial advisory and asset management firm. We specialize in crafting solutions to the complex financial and strategic challenges of our clients.

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Financial Advisory

We would never force a decision on you as we would only suggest and advise you about proper investments on the basis of the knowledge and past experience of our advisors

Assets Management

Our team of Advisors are equipped with the needed skills, knowledge, expertise and connections to manage your company's assets and to make these assets manageable for your company and your staffs who work with you.

Project Finance

We offer solution to client that requires Project funding. We use our expertise to evaluate client request and give client informed option of how to secure project funding.


Our long-term relationships with our clients is a testament to our distinctive culture and approach to providing superior advice to our clients. Have a look at what our clients said about us.

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We are focused on updateing our blog with superior quality information to help advice our clients in solving complex financial problems. Check our blog!

Letter Of Credit

LETTER OF CREDIT Lеttеr оf Crеdіt (LC) іѕ issued by thе Bank аt the request оf іtѕ сuѕtоmеr іn fаvоur…

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Standby Letter Of Credit

STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT   In simple terms, an SBLC is a bank guаrаntее іn LC fоrmаt. Onсе uроn a…

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Bank Guarantee

BANK GUARANTEE Guаrаntее іѕ a contract tо perform the рrоmіѕе, or discharge thе lіаbіlіtу оf a third реrѕоn іn саѕе…

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