About Us

Who We Are.

Who We Are

Mayfair Credit Corporation is a preeminent international financial advisory and asset management firm that has long specialized in crafting solutions to the complex financial and strategic challenges of our clients. We serve a diverse set of clients around the world, including corporations, partnerships, institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals. We believe that what sets us apart is our dedication to:

  • Competing on the basis of our intellectual (rather than financial) capital, which is personified by our team of highly skilled professionals.
  • Demanding excellence and superior quality in all that we do,
  • Cultivating long-term, senior-level relationships with clients, through deep roots in local markets,
  • Linking together our local offices through a global network of industry expertise,
  • Remaining focused on our chosen lines of business to provide the highest degree of expertise and continuous innovation,
  • Emphasizing our tradition of integrity in all our dealings, and offering independent, trusted and unbiased advice.


Our professionals concentrate on solving complex financial problems and executing specialized financial instrument and investment strategies. We strive to maintain and enhance our base of highly talented professionals and pride ourselves on being able to


Our firm has a brand name with over many years of history. We are focused on providing world-class professional advice in complex strategic and financial assignments, utilizing both our global capabilities and deeply rooted local know-how.


We are an independent firm, free of many of the conflicts that can arise at larger financial institutions as a result of their varied sales, trading, underwriting, research and lending activities. We believe that recent instance of perceived or actual con

Global Presence with Local Relationships

We believe that linking our talented indigenous professionals, deep local roots and industry expertise across offices enables us to be a global firm while maintaining a local identity. This approach enables us to build close, local relationships with our


Our Financial Advisory business includes both our Mergers and Acquisitions practice and our Financial Restructuring practice, which historically have been countercyclical to each other, thus helping to stabilize our revenue stream. Our Asset Management business helps provide further stability, principally because we generate significant recurring client business from year to year.

Strong Culture

We believe that our people are united by a desire to be a part of an independent firm in which their activities are at the core and by a commitment to excellence and integrity in their activities. This is reinforced by the significant economic stake our managing directors have in our success. In our opinion, the strength of our many long-term client relationships is a testament to our distinctive culture and approach to providing superior advice to our clients.